DIGITAL MINE™ (The Spatial Enterprise System) by SightPower is the information support system designed for mining companies. It is focusing on providing the enterprise-scale 3D data integrated solution to any user and/or decision maker within a mining company. The system is based on extracting the maximum value out of any available spatial data which had been and is being collected as well as on neatly designed optimized workflows at each and every stage of mining operations. In particular it includes extended set of tools developed for intelligent geological modelling, mine design and mine planning, mine surveying (in particular with the use of modern laser scanning technology ) and general mining operations support. The system shall provide secure fast and convenient access to the voluminous data (spatial, operational, engineering, financial) and derivative high-resolution data models for mining engineers, geologists, surveyors, mechanical and electrical engineers, geotechnical engineers, geophysicists, operational personnel and managers. The development of efficient and intelligent information workflows allows to effectively use various types of spatial data (geological, geophysical, seismic, hydro-geological, GIS etc.), engineering and surveying data (mining plans, mining equipment parameters, hoisting operational data, monitoring and dispatch data etc.), geochemical data (ore samples and assay analysis) and economical parameters. This results in better decision making by management, operational effectiveness and risk mitigation, clear reporting and simplified document flow and ultimately in safer and more profitable mining operations.

Beside the continuous, uninterrupted and effective informational support of everyday mining operations it is critically important in the contemporary mining world to be able to monitor in real time the prevailing mining conditions as well as the operational status of different critical pieces of mining equipment. That tremendously assists in preventing of various hazards like subsidence, rock falls and rock bursts, sudden mud-rush or water inflows, gas emissions, etc. In the real world mining companies use various monitoring systems which are not generally incorporated into one integrated information support system thus diminishing their combined efficiency. DIGITAL MINE™ (The Spatial Enterprise System) provided by SightPower supports the holistic approach and integrates data streaming from any monitoring system into all main mining operational processes and procedures.

Real-time information support of mine operations in continuously changing environment causes the necessity to process on the fly or at least very operatively enormous volumes of spatial data. The problem exacerbates by the additional data which permanently comes from various monitoring sensors.

So “Big Data problem” which has become a mem in the contemporary information technology realm appears as a practical challenging issue in mining.

SightPower technology suggests the universal and effective solution for Big Spatial Mining Data management. The customers may get full access to the 3d models of mine or 2d thematic maps or any other information which is always up to date momentarily and in certain situations even through the web interface any time from any point of the world.

Since mine owners and mine personnel get full and instant information control on mine development and status then DIGITAL MINE metaphoric name comes to reality.

SightPower enterprise architecture Big Mining Data Processing SightPower Big Data visualization
SightPower enterprise architecture Big Mining Data Processing SightPower Big Data visualization

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